ADSL Status is green, but WAN Status is red
Posted by Gabriel Yu on 14 March 2008 04:12 AM
If the ADSL Status is green (with State = SHOWTIME) the ADSL modem can 'hear' the ADSL signal.
If the WAN Status section data is red, then the problem is with the PPPoE/PPPoA connection.

In our experience the most common problem here is that the username and password don't match the ISP's settings, so please double-check that you have entered the username and password exactly as provided by your ISP. If you have copied and pasted the password please check that it is the corre

If / when you contact your ISP to confirm the username/password details, please ask them if their login server's logfile shows your router attempting to log in. If their server is recording your login attempts, then the problem is with the username and password not matching what is on your ISP's system. However, if your ISP's server is seeing no login attempts then the connection between your DSLAM and the ISP may not be connected.

If these do not resolve the problem, please
(a) backup your DrayTek router's configuration (click here)
(b) save a syslog to file (instructions at here) for 20 minutes
(c) create a Helpdesk ticket and attach both these files for us to analyse.
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