How to use Web Content Filter?
Posted by Gabriel Yu on 02 April 2008 02:16 AM
The internet allows anyone to express their views; and it is only natural that some of these websites are considered undesirable for children to view.  While pornography and child protection gets plenty of media attention, the issue is  much wider than that.  Moreover each user has different interests and attitudes - for example an "overseas job opportunity" will be interesting and desirable to one person, but considered as unwanted advertising by another.

Also, Internet content is very fluid, with websites coming and going. Most websites are also trying to grab your attention using a variety of techniques - some of them questionable.

So the problem is ... how to block "undesirable" websites (according to the users individual preferences) and to stay current with all the changes on the internet.

DrayTek have partnered with a separate company (PowerNexIX) to provide up-to-date classifications of 'undesirable' websites which can be accessed by the Firewall > Web Content Filter in newer Vigor models. 

To use, you will need to:
  1. subscribe to the SurfControl service (the "Activate Free Trial and Purchase Subscription" link is provided for this)
  2. select which of the various categories to block, according to your preferences
Once enabled, the Vigor will automatically access the SurfControl database to determine which sites to block.
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