What is Vigor2910 NAT Port Forwarding
Posted by Gabriel Yu on 02 April 2008 02:56 AM

The Vigor 2910's new NAT "Range mode" feature is a way to forward a range of Public port numbers to a range of local IP Addresses.

For example, say you have 10 IP Cameras on your LAN (each using port 80 on consecutive local IP Addresses through and you want to make them all directly viewable from the internet.

Let's use Public ports 8001-8010, with this Vigor 2910 configuration: 

So if your internet domain was mydomain.com.au, somebody would enter an address of  "http://mydomain.com.au:8007" to view the 7th camera, which has local address

Or, to put it another way ...
an incoming request to port number  -->  will be rediected to
           http://mydomain.com.au:8001  -->
           http://mydomain.com.au:8002  -->
           http://mydomain.com.au:8003  -->
           http://mydomain.com.au:8007  -->
           http://mydomain.com.au:8010  -->

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