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We have investigated a couple of instances of this problem, and both were caused by the computer supplying the wrong IP Address for the ISP's email server, rather than looking up the Domain Name. Please do a "ping" to your ISP's email server to find its...
Some of the Draytek Vigor routers come with an Email Detection function. Note that the function only supports standard pop3 email protocol. To configure the function, please follow the instructions specified below:
The email function supports only standard POP3 email protocol. Since Gmail requires SSL (secure connection) and uses different port numbers (incoming: 995; outgoing: 465) than standard POP3, the email detection feature will not operate with gmail.
Basically no. The Vigor uses the POP3 service, but Hotmail uses HTML (though there are some options available).  This site has a pretty good explanation.
QUESTION When I select an attachment to send via my Gmail account everything looks fine until I click on "Send". It then sits there until I stop the "Send" process, I've left it for 10-15 minutes. What do I need to do to allow Gmail attachments to work...