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Posted by Roy Panetta on 30 May 2018 11:30 AM

Upcoming Webinar

Introduction to Structured Cabling Principals and DINTEK Cabling Systems (Part 3) 

Tuesday 5nd June 2018 at 10:00 am (AEST)

Duration 45 Minutes

You are invited to attend our next DINTEK training webinar where we will continue from part 2 in our series where we looked at structured cabling subsystems starting with the entrance facilities. In this webinar we will be looking at the next subsystems which are: equipment rooms, telecommunications rooms, and the backbone cabling uses to connect these areas together.

There will be time to ask questions at the end of the presentation.

I hope you will be able to attend this interesting webinar.


Click here to register for this webinar. 

Latest Video

How to Control Internet Access with User Management in DrayTek Routers

In this Video, we show how to configure the router so that users will need to login to the router to get Internet access. Access to Internet sites for each user or user group is controlled by the use of User Management and firewall rules.


Click here to watch the video.

Latest Application Notes


Security Alert - CSRF Vulnerability and how to Prevent Attacks

This application note provides some information on the CSRF security alert and how to to check if your router has been compromised. It also includes suggested settings to improve router security and were to download updated firmware that addresses this security issue.

Click here to read the application note.


Enabling Ethernet WAN Traffic Shaping in DrayTek Routers

This application note provides a suggested setting to enable WAN traffic shaping for installations where the service provider requires the customer to throttle outgoing traffic so that it does not exceed speed of the service, eg 50/50 Ethernet service.

Click here to read the application note.


[Vigor3900] How to set DMZ Host?

This application note shows how to configure DMZ Host in the Vigor3900 router Vigor3900 so that incoming traffic on particular ports go to specific IP address/port of a host on the LAN.

Click here to read the application note.


How many VPN connections does DrayTek router support?

This application note provides a table of all DrayTek routers and the number of VPN tunnels they each support.

Click here to read the application note.

How to establish VPN connection from macOS/iOS/Windows to Vigor3900 via IKEv2 EAP

Vigor3900 supports IKEv2 with EAP authentication since firmware version 1.4.0. VPN connection security is enhanced by username/password authentication and certificate verification. This article is going to demonstrate IKEv2 with EAP connection between Vigor3900 and macOS/iOS/Windows native VPN client.

Click here to read the application note.

VigorACS 2

How to show VigorAP and VigorSwitch as sub-device behind the Vigor Router on Network tree view.

This application note shows how to use a new feature in VigorACS 2 version 2.30 ACS 2 that allows the VigorAP or VigorSwitch to be shown as sub-device behind the Vigor Router on Network tree view.

Click here to read the application note.

Latest Firmware

DrayTek have released firmware which has a critical update to address the CSRF security vulnerability.

Updated firmware can be downloaded from:


Router Models covered are:

Vigor2120, version

Vigor2133, version

Vigor2760D, version

Vigor2762, version

Vigor2832, version

Vigor2860, version 3.8.8

Vigor2862, version

Vigor2862B, version

Vigor2912, version

Vigor2925, version

Vigor2926, version

Vigor2952, version

Vigor3200, version

Vigor3220, version

VigorBX2000, version

Vigor2830nv2, version

Vigro2830, version

Vigor2850, version

Vigor2920, version

Vigor2700, version 2.8.6

Vigor2700ge, version 2.8.6

Vigor2820, version 3.7.2

Vigor120_V2, version 3.7.2

Vigor2110, version 3.7.2

Vigor2710, version 3.7.2

Vigor2710e, version 3.7.2

Vigor2710ne, version 3.7.2

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